Remembers is our dedication to our young boy who left us this morning. His father and I are heartbroken. Please pay your respects to our son by gently petting him.

The show straddles a thin line between the sacred and profane. I am specifically interested in emotional confusion. Death, and its enshrinement, is just as sentimental an occasion as it is ridiculous, almost tacky in the act of memorialization. Taking cues from cinematic and religious imagery, a dark scene lies hidden beyond a “hook" baiting the viewer into unwittingly attending a funeral. The result is bizarre; a Las Vegas-like surreality.

The Glasgow School of Art Graduate Degree Show, Tontine Building, Glasgow, Sept 2016

Our Boy
fabric and dry cement, includes brass plaque and floating plinth, 100x45x40cm

Mother’s Love
Inkjet archival print, framed no glass, 63x40cm

Father’s Love
Inkjet archival print, framed no glass, 63x40cm

Glass bowl, gravel, polysterene castle, analog bw 35mm print on gloss resin paper, 31x31x20cm